IOU Babe

by Mondo Vanilli

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Recorded for Trent Reznor and Nothing Records, 1994. Unreleased.


released June 10, 2016

IOU Babe
by Mondo Vanilli
Recorded 1994
Produced by Jonathan Burnside and Scrappi DuChamp at Razor’s Edge Studio, San Francisco

Mondo Vanilli
R.U. Sirius: Vocals, Lyrics, Conceptions
Scrappi DuChamp: Music, Vocals, Lyrics, Conceptions
Sim1 3Arm: Performance, Conceptions, Lyrics, Vocals

On "The Ballad of Brent Buzzkill"
"Xochi NV" on drums, base & keyboards
Additional vocals by Jack Boulware

Gimme Helter (DuChamp – Burnside)
Thanx! (Sirius – DuChamp)
Clones Don’t Have To Be So Cold (Sirius – DuChamp)
Love Is The Product (Sirius – DuChamp)
Bummer (Sirius – DuChamp)
Love is the Remix (Sirius – DuChamp – Burnside)
Gun Cereal (Sirius – 3Arm – DuChamp)
The Ballad of Brent Buzzkill (Sirius – DuChamp)
Free From Head (DuChamp)
The Legend of the Cyberpiss Goddess (3Arm – DuChamp)
Free From Head Part 2 (DuChamp)
IOU Babe (Sirius - 3Arm - DuChamp)

All music sequenced in Opcode StudioVision software

All songs copyrighted by Scrappi Duchamp/David Fleminger on behalf of Mondo Vanilli. Photos appearing here are by Jay Blakesberg and appeared in Mondo 2000.

Special thanx! to Cara Burns, The Clowns, David Gibson, David Taylor, Dr. Handelman, Evan Gourvitz, Eve Berni, Jim English, Kenneth Laddish, Link C., Queen Mu, Rex Bruce, St. Jude, Terbo Ted, Timothy Leary, Trent Reznor, Yvonne Dupree




R.U. Sirius & Various Bands San Francisco, California

Photo above by Eve Berni

R.U. Sirius and his various bands past, present and future. R.U. Sirius was Editor in chief of legendary cyberpunk magazine MONDO 2000 in the early 1990s. Since then, he swallowed the sun in entirety and has given up acid for antacid. Bands include Party Dogs and Mondo Vanilli among others ... more

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Track Name: Thanx!
Baby take off your shoes
Baby take off your shirt
Baby take off your pants
Baby take off your underpants
Track Name: Clones Don't Have To Be So Cold
Oh no don't light that cigarette and go
Down to the Garbo so neon and popular
They're handsome and rich and they know where to process
But clones don't have to be so cold
So cold
Track Name: Love Is The Product
President sucks on a pork rind
Dictator's wife does the bump and grind
Guess I'll do up another line
The rules they don't apply to me
The rules they don't apply
The rules they don't apply

Women will rule over men
'Cept for me - I'll rule over them
And everybody's gotta be sweet
"Cept for me - I got a right to tweet
And you gonna be my freak
You gonna be my freak

The medium is the message
Money makes it dance
Love is the product
The joke is in your pants

A love like the nasty dry cat tongue licks against the jewels angst
Sho' 'nuff broken in a world of cloised noise and glass ashtrays
Our landscape was like the blinking lights on a Vegas street in search of a meal
But I love you more than paradise baby -- you're a cadillac amongst humans

The medium is the message
Money makes it dance
Love is the product
The joke is in your pants
Track Name: Bummer
Physical life was fucked from the start
I need a new liver and I need a new heart
Eddie Vedder's head on a raspberry tart
600 channes and a shopping cart

President Groovy lobs another bomb
I'm gonna help Prince make a CD-ROM
Sitting in the dark with my modem and my gun
We're going to stay in tonight Rosie and make that data highway run

I need sex and I need it now
I call you a slut and I call you a cow
You call me a pig and you call me a dick
Both of us are right - both or us are sick
Track Name: Gun Cereal
You're sweet like a rose
And I love your new clothes
And I'm pilled with new hope
As you laugh at my patter
Am I charming in mute?
Or do you prefer me in Mexican?
I've a 40 gun salute babe
Were you always this feminine

Gun cereal
Makes you wake up and wonder
Gun cereal
From the people who hate themselves
Gun cereal
Wake up and kill
Gun cereal
Kill kill kill kill

Yes I've been here before
I once yelled at your mother
This is all too much torture
As I reach for the phone
Would you like to order out?
Yes I know one who delivers
And it always sends shivers
All up and down my spine

Gun cereal
Makes you wake up and wonder
Gun cereal
From the people who hate themselves
Gun cereal
Wake up and kill
Gun cereal
Kill kill kill kill

It's better than a pill
Wake up and kill
Troubles getting bigger
Pour some milk upon the trigger
Fortify your soul with a big big bowl
Fortify your soul with a big big bowl
Fortify your soul with a big big bowl
Fortify your soul with a big big bowl
Track Name: The Ballad of Brent Buzzkill
God is sad
I feel bad
You called my bluff
I broke some stuff
I shoot you up
I tear your hole
I fuck things up
Destroy your soul

Don't you tell me to do my homework!
I don't want to do my homework!
All my life you fed me Christ
You made me cry -- you sacrificed

I wanna be the king of the pigpen
I wanna be the eater of sins
I wanna be the one that they pray to
I wanna go back where it begins
I wanna be the dick in the pussy
I wanna be the fetus inside
I want somebody to hold me
I wanna be the victim who...

Track Name: Legend of the Cyberpiss Goddess
In the year 455 tp, Planet Earth began jettisoning raw sewage into outer space. Inhabited by fecal clouds, the perilously unbalanced ecosystem with its rampant overpopulation and powerful new strains of bacteria left the peoples of the earth no other choice than to employ NASTY -- Natural Aerosol Space To You -- to propel the hapless pods of waste at high velocity towards the sun. This process is disrupted by NASTY employee R.U. Sirius LaTrine, acting on the fiber obstruct line communications instructive from Sim1 3Arm received via commodem in his corporate toilette, programs the waste out of its collision course with the center of the Earth's solar system using the stars gravity to boomerang the pods far into the Johnian galaxy. The waste product pelts the dead planet John with enough raw materials and adaptable bacterias to turn the dead planet into a thriving ecosphere.

In this private habitat
A whirlpool of fecal matter trying to develop
Trying to survive

It comes from us
And it's every parasite you earthlings have ever created
Impossible to destroy
Because it's everything you haven't taken care of
Where are you gonna put
Your guilt

Come here
Fearful one
Lifetimes of retention must unleash
I can relieve you from the pathetic guilt clots in your rectum
I am the Cyberpiss Goddess
Submit to the virtue
And become true to your asshole
Together we must start a bowel movement
A divine commitment to secretion
And dedicated worship to your colon

Drop to your knees
Taste my liquid flesh in your porcelain shrine
Feel the vibration of my voice agitate your asshole
I am transcending your existence.
Let it out
Let it all out
Purge in my potty

Save your soul
Drink from my bowl
Save your soul
Drink from my bowl

Come right in
You can't afford to miss this
Step right up!
Track Name: IOU Babe
Afternoon of the living deadpan (dead Pan)
Don't forget to bring your bedpan
We're telling jokes that kill
Don't forget to bring your pills
Took the lawyers several months just to write an i.o.u. babe

It takes so many horrible workers just to build a single beat
It takes so many horrible lovers just to put me on my feet
Should I write an i.o.u. babe
We're all born to original debt
Write it off to appropriation
What you see is what you get

Afternoon at the Holiday Inn
All the bands are named MONDO Vanilli
They're playing songs to make you relax
We're laughing in the back

Took the chauffeur several hours just to write an i.o.u. babe
(How you gonna baste the turkey if you don't have any stuffing!)

It takes so many well paid servants just to find a decent place to eat
It takes so many local hookers to keep me from falling asleep
Should I write an i.o.u. babe or can you find the joke
And when you're done with the lawsuit
Be sure to slaughter the goat god