Gone Dead Gone (Just the Sirius Songs)

by SLT

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3 songs from SLT album Gone Dead Gone with lyrics by R.U. Sirius

SLT is
Matt Sabo: Vocals, synth
Chuck Irving: Guitars, backing vocal
Phil Marshall: Guitars, synth, backing vocal
Ken Frank: Bass guitar, synths
Pat Lowery: Drums, gong

Matt Sabo and Pat Lowery were also members of Party Dogs. The Party Dogs album "It's A Groove!" is also available on this bandcamp.

Buy the entire Gone Dead Gone album by SLT here -- www.popwars.com/earringrecords/slt.php


released July 2, 2016

All songs © 2010 by respective songwriters (I Should' ve Been A Guru, Everybody Must Get Rehab
and I, Politician lyrics © 2010 Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius)
Recorded at Holt Studio, Mt. Morris, New York
Engineered by Gary Holt
Mixed by Ken Frank and Gary Holt,
Mastered by Gary Holt
Art by Paul Dodd



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


R.U. Sirius & Various Bands San Francisco, California

Photo above by Eve Berni

R.U. Sirius and his various bands past, present and future. R.U. Sirius was Editor in chief of legendary cyberpunk magazine MONDO 2000 in the early 1990s. Since then, he swallowed the sun in entirety and has given up acid for antacid. Bands include Party Dogs and Mondo Vanilli among others ... more

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Track Name: SLT - I Should've Been A Guru by SLT
I should've been a guru
Young girls for the pickings
Followers wash my asshole
And grown men weep at my face

I think I could've made a go
Smile always and act like I know
The perfect secrets of the cosmic wow
But it's too late to be a guru now

I should've been a guru
Talk shows with Larry King
White robes in a limousine
A long beard and a big ring

I know I could've been at peace
A happy face and perfect teeth
Free eats off the sacred cow
But it's too late to be a guru now

I should've been a guru
Sitting still up on a hill
No stress no mess
No sins to confess

No action no friction
Never watched Pulp Fiction
Just laugh while the people bow
But it's too late to be a guru now

I should've been a guru
Track Name: Everybody Must Get Rehab
Everybody must take their shoes off at the airport
Everybody must plug their car in at the carport
Everybody still loves Britney when her dress's short
Everybody has to have a quick and snarky retort
But things here aren't really all that bad
Since everybody must get rehab

They stone you when you don't wear your chador
They stone you and they call you a whore
They stone you in Iraq and in Iran
They stone you and then they cut off your hand
But here things aren't really quite as bad
Still everybody must get rehab

Everybody must get their free botox injection
Everybody must be available for inspection
Everybody must get a way rad looking cell phone
Everybody must pay back the interest on that home loan
But I guess things aren't quite so bad
Still everybody must get rehab

They stone you when your homeless and your poor
They stone you when you can't say who your for
They stone you like they stoned Tupac Shakur
They even stone you when you close the white house door
But I guess things aren't quite so bad
Still everybody must get rehab
Track Name: I Politician
I’ve got a little think tank
I call it home
I ain’t too highly paid though
Just flesh and bone
I’ll put a little thingie out
On video cassette
And hope the Minister of Propaganda
Don’t get too upset

Still it all comes though
The United Matrix of America
Pagan rhythms out of Africa
Pagan shipments out of Kathmandu
From the Aztecs to the Ming
Genetic carnival on wings

We’ve got a little freak show
We call it “The Hunchback Squeaks”
And then I politician
I get on up and I speaks
“I got a lotta rage” he cries
“And lots of irony”
You’re baboons in a cage” he lies
“I’m going to set you free”


Gotta get back to L.A. now
Got a media jones
Talking with the network boys
and taking out more loans
I get 3 minutes on NBC
Attack the ruling class
I've got 4 friends at NASA now
If I have to move my ass